Gender Equality And Equity4 min read


In Nigeria, our culture and society sometimes discriminates women. This is because of a low state of evolution and ignorance because the more evolved a state is, the higher the understanding and the more refined the cultural practices are, thereby creating an enhanced sense of equality.

In the past years, key gender statistics showed that as at 2013, 49% of the female gender working age population was part of the labour force while 64% of the male working-age population was part of the labour force. In that same year, women represented 42% of the labour force. No data available on women’s share of agricultural employment or vulnerable employment. Gender gaps in political participation, education and economic empowerment still significantly remain in Nigeria. In the Social Institutions and Gender Index 2014 Edition , Nigeria has very high levels of discrimination against women in social institutions.

A woman being part of decision-making does not make the man any less of a man in any way whatsoever because the woman was created to help the man and that also includes helping him make the right decisions. We were not created to be oppressed or have our voices subdued.

Let us be realistic. I totally agree that we women are weaker than the men but I think that statement only applies in physical strength.

Tradition has played a great role in gender inequality. Traditions such as the woman having to keep virginity till marriage and if she is/was found wanting, she would be disgraced. What happens to the man that took her virginity? Why is she left to be disgraced alone? Why is she seen as the irresponsible one? Because I am sure the man is/was also aware of the tradition so they should both be purnished evenly.

Customs and traditions of blaming the woman for the sexes of the children she gives birth to also exist too. She is blamed as if she made the babies on her own. The men forget that it is their sperms that actually fertilize her eggs and that it is whatever egg that the sperm fertilizes she brings out into this world at the end of the 9months.

Culture permits the oppression of women in the house through feminine roles and responsibilities expected of a good woman. The woman is the first to wake up and the last to sleep. She does the whole chores, takes care of the children, instills morals and good characters in the children single-handedly. This act is seen as normal by those who made the traditions but in reality, it is OPPRESSION.

Men and women have equal hours of the day and equal limbs and as such, there should not be higher responsibilities that has negative influence on one side. Before you know it now, the woman go dey old pass her age and the man go dey look outside for younger girls. (Sighs). Even when she carries out this role effectively she is still not appreciated in the house. She is either turned into a punching bag, a slave or a maid in her own house by her husband and in some cases male children.

Men are believed to be the heads of the families no doubt and so they should be in control of what happens in the society too and women are to submit themselves to their husbands and the heads of their offices. But submitting to the men both at home and outside the home doesn’t make them available for violations, bullying, slavery or any form of derogation. They are humans just like the men and they have a say as to what happens in their lives, society and homes just like the men folk.

I don’t believe men and women are equal because we are created differently both genetically and physically and so are our roles unique and important to each other especially in the household. We need each other.

Gender equity is fairness in treatment for both women and men, according to their respective needs. It may also include an intervention that is different but also considered equal in terms of obligations, opportunities and benefits. Gender equity is the practice and the way of thinking that helps gender equality achievable.

Gender equality is the right to equal justice, equal opportunities, equal acceptance and equal tolerance in the society. This should be supported by policies that implement and promote general acceptance that women have a vital role to play in the development of the nation. Gender equality is seeing males and females as being of equal status and value. It is judging a person based on their worth, virtue or merit, and not viewing them as inferior or superior based on their gender.

I am not a feminist. I am only saying women should also be seen as important in the growth and development of the society. Our roles do not just end in the kitchen and training of the children.

If we can instill good characters in our children, nothing stops us from making positive changes and growth in our societies.