He that forgets the face of his Father having eyes but can’t see Son of man….6 min read


Which has eyes to see but does not see, and ears to hear but does not hear; for they are a rebellious house :- Ezekiel 12:2

A while back I was with Chux Edoga C.E.O digital dreams and we were talking about the whole tech thing here in Enugu and one thing lead to another and we talked about code clubs in schools and all. We talked about the set up, how it should be managed and who should manage it. After that he said it will be managed and run by us. And the question I asked was why. He said minus student you can’t get someone else to run it, you would need lectures in this schools to manage it (schools in this sense is ESUT & IMT & ESCET). He said “t.boi it is a coding club not another arm of student union or another association that will be use to form cabal, how many lecturers that is suppose to run this club can you give a laptop to and he will deliver or is even willing to learn, how many can help students build without it resulting in buying handout, how many of them know it not in the textbook sense but really know it”.

I looked at chucks a guy that among devs here in Enugu we consider “bad guy”,with up to 15 years of coding experience and I asked him to name 5 guys that are top guys, veteran in this coding thing, not just coding but a guy that can build, a guy that you can look at and say “this guy is a bad guy”. Chucks smiled looked into the open air for a minute or so and said “unfortunately it only one person and it Mr ugo “. I was shocked, his answer was not what I was expecting. I said to him so if for whatever reason there is a disconnection between Mr ugo and yourself then down to my set, we are doomed nobody to look up to. He looked and said “in this your set you have lots of smart guys but they are blind”.


Hear this now….

Without [a]understanding,

Who have eyes and see not,

And who have ears and hear not :- Jeremiah 5:21

I happen to spend most part of last week with Emeka Azuka Okoye and we had long talks on many areas of life in general, tech, the ecosystem, Nigeria as a country…. He gave me lots of insight into data and cymantic Web. When he came to binary hills and when he came to see our girls during the pink summer of code class he always says something after talking to us, he will say “I may not always be right”. Such humility. He always say that he may not be right but he is open to learn only if you he his giving the advice is also willing to learn. He taught me don’t fight your mentor, if he is not right you tell him respectfully. He made me to understand that the mentor and mentee relationship is actually a learning circle. He talked about having a good pool of mentors and it role in building the tech community. This is the sad thing he told me after, he said “the sad truth is your set is not willing to learn, they think they are smart because they have the Internet.


Make the heart of this people dull,

And their ears heavy,

And shut their eyes;

Lest they see with their eyes,

And hear with their ears,

And understand with their heart,

And return and be healed. :- Isaiah 6:10

If for whatever reason our president decides that let’s cut the Internet (my best case scenario) how will most of our devs build? Who are we going to turn to for advice, how many can say “look guys I have been doing this before this Internet of a thing came, come let me teach you the tricks”. Emeka Azuka Okoye use to say “many people in your set were taught how to build apps but not how to program”. Most veterans will tell you when they built in their time it was just them, the computer, a textbook and someone “willing to teach them”. The defect we have in this system is one that is not always looked into. The basic element we need to grow tech in Enugu is something we are in desperate need of. WE NEED TEACHERS.

We had an intermediate level maths class for programmers that lasted for 8 weeks. For the first time in my life I now understand the level of work put into photoshop as a software. For the first time in my life 3d softwares became a stuff of legends for me. I look at what NASA did in the 60’s and I said forget it this is not react or vue or just programming, THIS IS WORK.

I had this experience because I was fortunate to know Mr ugo Eze and he was willing to teach and I was willing to learn. Google and co did not build silicone Valley it was the valley that built Google and co. That region was a place for makers so the big companies we know today are there because they have a pool of teachers with experience doing knowledge transfer.

I don’t like using the term mentors this days cause it is often associated with a guy that can speak English, studied abroad, tells you how he raised money in his startup (they are always rising money). I like to use the term teachers, someone that does not have to speak long grammar, does not have to prove to you how much he has made but a person that when you say I am having issues I can’t solve this or that, he says sit down and let’s work this out together.

Now many of “my set” are willing to learn. Our just concluded pink summer of code and our maths class has proven that we are willing to learn but how many are willing to teach. Our many of our fathers can say, I know how to screw bolts come let me teach you. How many of our father’s can say, guys Mondays and Thursday ‘s come and I will teach you how to paint computer screens. We are not asking for the big things we are asking for the little ones, the basics.

If there is no Google or stack overflow and co how many of my father’s can I call for help me.


We don’t want to forget our father’s face, we need our fathers to teach us how to build with our hearts.

Want to say a big thank you to Mr ugo Eze what you have done for the tech community in Enugu will forever be written in our hearts.