Problems techies face in Nigeria5 min read

problem with tech in nigeria
problem with tech in nigeria

It is easy to believe that all you just need to do is to learn a programming language and all your problems are finished in this world. The way people in this clime talk about programming and tech like it is the final panacea to all the problems of man in this life.

Unknown to them, they are just choosing the dimension of problems they are going to face especially in Nigeria. These are things the intending tech newbie should bear in mind before venturing into the world of tech. Is this post, meant to discourage you? Not the least. It is meant to prepare you rather so you brace up and fight your battles like a man. While obviously there are more than five of them, we will be focusing with on just this five in this post. Cost The amount of money you will require to achieve your goals in tech is enormous. To buy a good phone and laptop that will serve you well amounts to almost 200,000 naira on the average. Not to talk of the money for data and electricity, To keep your dreams alive in tech takes a lot. Just recently, a project came up and we were talking about the sustainability of the project before it starts generating revenue and arrived at three months. This is after virtually everything about the project development wise, have been finished. Health We don’t really know the health implications of our daily practices while working. Most tech guys will like to boast about how they did a job on record time. Someone did a project in three months but you did it in just two months, drinking red bull and skipping sleep. Moreover the faster you can finish a project, the sooner you can do another project so you are subtly pushing your body over the board so you can achieve more. In this journey, it is almost a badge of honour to have been disappointed by your body. Is it a prophecy? No. it is what almost everybody has experienced because they didn’t take care of their body while working. Another very important issue that newbies and every tech guy should bear in mind is the working posture. The right posture while working is to have your eyes straight into the system, your back resting straight on the flat chair and your legs hinged at angle 90. When you have finally coded for over 2,000 hours with a wrong posture, you might have built not just a software but a hunchback. Lack of Trust In Tech (Especially Tech Built In Nigeria) Nigerians generally have trust issues with tech generally. We seem to have a way of internally rejecting new technology except it makes one look and better than your neighbour. That’s why people withdraw money from the ATM and still stand to count it before leaving. Actually, I know an engineering professor who does not use the ATM. When touch screens phones came out, I remember there was this rumour about it causing cancer after long use. Please has any such things been heard anywhere? Trust issues will also make people rather patronise foreigners than call you to handle their jobs. If you bear these things in mind, you will know how to relate with customers who will use your software. You should also ensure to build user friendly software and be able to convince your prospective customers that you can do it. Knowledge It is easy to say I am the best programmer in town because your classmates were looking at your codes when we were teaching you in our academy or after doing something you learn’t from youtube. You are good, no doubt, we can’t question that but has it ever crossed your mind you could be like the proverbial one-eyed man in the midst of blind men. The programmers you are hearing about today, know more than the basic, having worked for years and had their own fair share of failures and success. The issue with the knowledge problem is that most likely than not you don’t even know you have such problem until you come face to face to something that floors your expertise. As much as you can go for knowledge. It has actually been stated that as a programmer or one in the tech field, you should learn a skill in the arts. Something like music, an extra language etc as the diverging knowledge actually helps you. Social Issues. Have you noticed that most programmers are nerds and don’t know how to relate well in the society? Why else will someone have 100 of the same set and colour of t-shirts or wear shorts to a public launch of a landmark product? Believe it or not, most serious tech guys have issues with relating to the general public especially in a non-tech environment. When there are codes to write and softwares that will be the next 100 billion companies to build, who has time to do little sissies chit chat? As a techie, map out time to stay in touch with the real life that actually happens outside your laptop. If not even your wife and family members will leave you with your laptop and run away. Like we earlier said, this is in no way to discourage you, it is rather meant to help you plan well in this journey you have decided to take.