Eastern Nigeria’s tech space, the next big thing3 min read


So far stakeholders from all over Eastern Nigeria have settled in to capitalize on it’s growing tech atmosphere. Being people who believe in the role of proper development of human capacity towards building a strong system, they are starting to lay foundations from coming together to form bonds to constantly organizing meets ups/hackathon sessions,community building to fortify the tech field even at the secondary school and university level in Enugu.

At this point you can actually call them superheroes without capes, they may not be fighting crimes but they are literary saving lives.

Interns on a training session

Before now people had the silos mentality,there was no collaboration spirit as much and if there was, it was always because someone had something to benefit from it.

But now times have changed. People are starting to see the need for collaborations and its magic trick of generating a circle of knowledge, and helping each other to grow because to be honest, some of the biggest ideas sprung up from collaborations to working on other ideas collectively.

Take the story of Viagra for instance. The chemist were cooking up a drug that might be a treatment for blood pressure when they stumbled upon Viagra.It was from the collaboration of results/ideas from the people or even Apples collaboration with Samsung for its OLED screens.

You would be shocked to know that there are actually Savvy guys “no jokes” with exceptional creative skills performing exceptional tasks from applied machine learning , blockchains and robotics that you don’t ever get to hear about because well it’s not in a typical Igbo guys culture to brag lol.

Interns at a training session

Take The guys at Genesys Tech Hub for instance, doing exceptional programs, from organizing kids code camp where kids learn how to build robots and much more, to their recurrent 6months internship program that has been producing tech wizards from day one to setting up co working spaces where techies gather to put their minds to work.

Looking at Tenece from outside, you would think it’s just another growing IT company. You would be astonished to discover they are a multi capabilities enterprise and a technology consulting firm.

Binary hills a co working space turning smart ideas into wealth as well as providing great training opportunities and office spaces for tech startup and leaders in order to help them get the most out of their startups.

Playjoor an online gaming company focuses on bringing our gaming culture and community not just online but also offline by hosting different events like game nights, board game competition etc. which is a great opportunity for business leaders and geeks to hangout together.

Digital dreams which has contributed to building Enugu’s tech space have the best minds,organising training for members in the tech space.

And needless to say the brilliant works done by the guys ata Lloydant , Chatdesk,Ogwugo,Ugarsoft, and so many others many making waves here.

We are growing tremendously and hoping to gain a reputation as the next tech space hiring top talents and a place conducive enough to have a startup.

With all of this going on, it is obviously not that hard to take advantage of what is going on in the flourishing tech land of Eastern Nigeria .

There are tech meetups happening around Enugu all the time and GDG Enugu is a great source to find tech meet-ups that are happening regularly around the city.

Getting involved means not missing a beat and being in the “tech know” You never know what new innovation will be needed next, so you just have to be able to watch out for what is going on around.

It’s is also worthy to note that collaboration is one thing the new system encourages a whole lot and this is also reflected in the way the programmes and event in the community is designed.