6 Must Have Traits Of A Programmer5 min read

traits programmers
traits programmers

A lot of people start off their journey in programming or in the tech world as the case may be and they all have huge dreams of working in one big tech company, owning one or creating a landmark software that changes the world and it’s a good thing.

The issue is, not everyone gets to achieve their dreams. I pray everybody does though.

While there are lots of factors that come to play in the achievement or non-achievement of dreams, we want to beam our lights on the area of skills and traits that are able to help you achieve your goals.

In the beginning, not every master had these characters but with time and practice, they all got here.

There are traits that programmers should have if they are really serious about their dreams, traits that will set you apart from the next guy in the tech industry.

So, if you want to be the best at what you do, you need to read on


Have you ever met a guy who fell really in love with a lady? Or a mother looking after her baby? That’s the definition of passion.

A passion that lets you keep working for hours on a project without feeling tired. Without passion for this job, bugs will throw you off the radar.

It takes passion to write hundreds of lines of codes, it takes passion to build version 1,2 till whatever, it takes passion to keep working on an interface till you get the desired structure.

If there is anything you need to buy even before your laptop, it is passion.


I have heard stories of people that spent a long period of hours sitting down to complete a project.

Champions League final did not distract them, FIFA 19 did not even cross their minds, that girl across the street even called and they did not pick, their house was burning, yet they did not shift (ok, that’s extreme but you get my point).

Develop the passion to see through the end of a project that you started or are working on.

At some point, after 30 minutes of programming, you just want to stretch your legs and then you tell yourself that the brain needs to rest. At the beginner level, this might work but if you want to become a master in this business, you need to know when to actually call your brain to order and instruct it to keep on working. With practice and discipline, you are able to do this efficiently.

Critical Thinking

In programming, as you already know, there are many ways of solving one problem. Just as there is in real life.

There are people who will use 20 lines of code to work out what took another person 5 lines of code to do.

Develop the innate ability to think outside the box. Read IQ boosting books, exercise your body (it actually helps the brain work better), play mind hacking games or pray for a better brain (hello Nigerians. It works too).

You need to understand that programming is more of a thinking activity than a typing activity.

Attention To Details

Have you ever experienced a situation where you have finished typing some lines of code and it doesn’t work as it ought to work? You spend real time searching for the source of the problem and find out that you only forgot to add the forward slash in the closing div.

Very painful experience.

A master knows that the devil is in the details. There are things young programmers will overlook because they have not trained their eyes to see the little details involved in the make-up of each software.

One major way to pay close attention to details is to structure your work. It will do you good to finish the header and be sure you’re done with it before moving on to the body. This way, you don’t go complicating things for yourself while revisiting what has been done.

Self Learning

Even if you were thought by the best programmer that ever lived, at some point, you will need to learn extra. You will need to search out information and teach yourself.

Obviously, new languages are coming out, there is always latest version virtually every day, what reigned today, might not even exist tomorrow.

In this field, you never stop learning. It is always on the daily to-do list.

The issue is that you can’t always wait for someone to come teach. If that is you, then you are playing catch up. You will soon be left behind.

You need to on your own, search out information and learn so that you are ahead of the curve and people are looking up to you.

Learn personally. Learn fast. Learn always.

Stable Under Pressure/Failure

Truth be told, there’s a lot of pressure in this business.

Pressure to meet up to client deadline, the pressure to learn always, the pressure to fix bugs, the pressure to release new versions etc.

You need to learn the superhuman ability to stay calm no matter what’s going wrong.

Maybe you are already behind schedule and the client is breathing down on your neck for the job to be delivered, at such points, you still need to maintain a cool head if not you might mess up the whole thing and it deteriorates more than it was before.

Or you have tried all you could to make it work, yet it is not working as optimally as it should, you need to be able to put yourself together and make it work.

We are aware of these things, that’s why in our ICT Academy, we try as much as we can to not just help you in developing these traits but we also make sure that we give you the best entry into the world of technology and hold your hands through the journey.

You see, nobody was born having all these traits but if you work at it, over time you will get better.

This post was written by Digital Dreams ICT Academy